Germany’s Premier PR Network for Logistics

In 2007, a group of PR and communications experts joined up to establish LOG PR, a network of PR agencies and consultants providing dedicated press and public relations services for the logistics industry. Our member companies are located in the industrial and trade centres and logistics hubs of Germany. Through close cooperation with our affiliated partners in Europe and overseas, we are able to serve customers on a regional, national, and international basis. With LOG PR we pool our long-term experience and know-how in the various fields of logistics and communications to benefit our customers. They can select their service partner according to their needs and geographical focus. Then they have the advantages of one personal point of contact as well as the full range of services and expertise in our network. We guarantee cost transparency and efficiency, whether it is for a single press release or a PR campaign.

All LOG PR partners are experienced writers, as they have worked as editors or are still writing as freelancers for leading trade papers, business magazines, and logistics media. So they know the do’s and dont’s of daily press work and how to approach media, get journalists interested in topics and spread messages in the most effective and efficient way through all media channels, whether print, online, or social webs. We are all specialized in various logistics areas and therefore understand the market and catch up on the latest trends and technologies. We cover and generate interesting content in subject areas ranging from shipping and transport, IT, telematics, commercial vehicles and fleet management to warehousing, logistics sites, sustainability, HR and personnel services, just to name a few.

LOG PR has established a web-based database system for the distribution of press releases. More than 2000 journalists (logistics, vertical, business, and trade press) make use of this service by subscribing or downloading the latest press releases, articles, press photos, case studies, and films from LOG PR’s joint internet platform. All the texts and photos are free to publish at no cost. With between 20,000 and 40,000 visits per month (2015), it has become a valuable source for the logistics industry. Nevertheless, a database can only be as good as the personal contacts are. LOG PR has close relations to the press and is personally linked with all major print and online media in Germany and abroad.


Gisela Blaas, COM.SENSE (Augsburg)
Ralf Johanning, RAS (Kiel)
Stephanie Lützen, Lütpress (Berlin)
Heike Steinmetz, verbalis (Dortmund)
Dagmar Trepins, Nordic LOG PR Kontor (Egernsund/Denmark)
Marcus Walter, KfdM (Munich)

LOG PR Service Portfolio:


Communication strategy to increase awareness

Workshops and interviews for efficient communication planning

Press and public relations service to create a positive image

Classical press work for the trade and business press, e.g. press releases, special features, case studies, as well as advertorials, white papers, press photos and videos, and other PR instruments

Event management to establish personal contacts

Organising trade exhibitions, press conferences, and press talks; moderation of panel discussions; providing opportunities for speakers

Corporate publishing to inform target groups

Conceptional planning, editorial writing, production, and distribution of customer magazines, and in-house journals

Social media to link up with the global community

LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Marketing and sales to deliver clear messages

Advertising and media planning, advertising production (print/online), brochures, web sites, newsletters, corporate films and product videos

In-house communication to motivate employees

Basic workshops and concepts for internal and HR communications, and human resource marketing

Ghost-writing to provide a professional impression

Texts for books, speeches, corporate presentations, etc

Education to qualify junior and senior professionals

PR workshops, media training, coaching of professional and managerial staff

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