“Media contacts are like a highway: You have to have a vehicle – a topic – to get anywhere with them.”

After working for 14 years as editor, department head, editor in chief, and press officer, he has been self-employed as a PR consultant, business journalist, photographer, and filmmaker since 2006. He discovered his passion for logistics early on, during an apprenticeship in the forwarding business. When he’s not busy working in his agency, Walter shoots films and writes as a freelancer for specialized logistics publications like DVZ, LOG.Kompass, or Güterverkehr. Further information can be found at: www.kfdm.eu

Core competencies: Customer references researched on-site, including films or photos; consultation on topics, writing, and distributing press releases, moderating panel discussions. He runs the video platform www.log24.tv.

KfdM – Kommunikation für den Mittelstand
Marcus Walter
Sudetenweg 12
D-85375 Neufahrn, Germany
Tel. 0049-8165 / 999 38 43
Email: walter@kfdm.eu