“Make it interesting! Then people will listen to you.”

According to Gisela Blaas, every company has stories that are worth telling (and passing on). On the basis of her studies and training in business administration, public relations, and systemic coaching, she provides her customers with creative and systematic services for everything from comprehensive communications strategies to the details of PR operations and press relations. And she does it so that the central messages of the stories reach the right audience and have the right effects: enthusiastic responses and a positive image.

Core competencies: Storytelling as an instrument of public relations, workshops on strategy and competitive positioning, planning and content of market research and questionnaires, conceptual and editorial work on magazines and newsletters for customers or employees, planning and text for websites and social media, press relations.



Unternehmergesellschaft für Kommunikationsberatung (haftungsbeschränkt)

Gisela Blaas

Uhlandstraße 17

86157 Augsburg, Germany

Tel.: 0049 -821 / 450 79 62

E-Mail: blaas@comsense.de