Neuenstadt, 27/02/2020 – Continental commissioned Kardex Mlog with the refurbishment of three storage and retrieval machines and the replacement of its existing warehouse management system with Kardex’ in-house product MCC. Following successful acceptance of the works, the facility was handed over a few weeks ago. This refurbishment project sees the collaboration between Continental and Kardex Mlog enter its twentieth year. Starting out as a supplier of components, Kardex Mlog is now recognised by Continental as an “A supplier for high-bay warehouses”.

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Companies in the tire industry place especially high demands on their intralogistics. The production process demands high performance and maximum plant availability in three-shift operation. The spectrum extends from extremely robust heavy-duty storage and retrieval machines, through handling of pallets with rubber compounds, right up to highly dynamic machines for tires. Kardex Mlog has been engaged in this complex segment for 45 years and the special solutions the company has developed for the industry include innovative load pick-up devices such as the cross-telescopic fork for direct handling of green tires.

Continental is one of the world leaders in tire manufacture – in the car segment alone, one out of three vehicles sold in Europe is delivered with Continental tires. The company relies on precision and German engineering skill, not only in tire development, but also in production and intralogistics. Storage and retrieval machines supplied by Kardex Mlog play an important role here; Kardex has installed more than 45 machines during the period of collaboration.

In 2018 in Slovakia, Kardex Mlog operated as general contractor for Continental and constructed a two-aisle warehouse for green tires for trucks. The devices in use in this facility include the MMini type with cross-forks. Warehouse management is performed by the Mlog Control Center (MCC), which has now also been implemented in the Czech Republic as part of the refurbishment of the warehouse system there. Also, as part of the refurbishment, cameras have been added to the storage and retrieval machines to enable remote diagnosis and the communication technology has been switched to ProfiNET. Control of the vehicles has been completely upgraded to the MLOG system solution with S7-1500, including MWMS warehouse management and the material flow module MFlow. Interfaces were created for two existing spray robots supplied by the SAR Elektronic company. The feedback from the customer on conclusion of the refurbishment is overwhelmingly positive: “We are delighted with the range of functions of the MCC”, said Continental’s project leader Burdziński, “and with the flexibility MLOG showed in integrating our requirements!” The smooth operation of the facility is guaranteed through the plant maintenance agreement signed with Kardex Mlog and through the 24/7 service hotline.

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