MS Utting is now located in the direct vicinity of Kukla headquarters in the Sendling district of Munich. Source: Kukla

Munich, February 24, 2017 – The Munich-based freight forwarder Robert Kukla has given a prestigious cultural project financial support. The project involved transporting the “MS Utting”, a decommissioned excursion steamer, to its new location on an unused railway bridge. The around 70-year old steamer is to be put to permanent use here as a cultural centre.

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Kukla CEO Knut Sander was immediately inspired by the idea: “This was genuine out-of-the box thinking, with a great deal of courage to combine several modes of transport in an original, useful and sustainable way,” emphasises Sander whose company is specialised in multi-modal transport, among other things. Kukla, he says, will “always have an open ear” for unusual concepts and ideas to do with logistics, art and culture. Furthermore, MS Utting is now located in the direct vicinity of Kukla headquarters in the Sendling district of Munich.

“The unique cultural project symbolises the importance of multi-modal transport while also functioning as a cultural centre and communication platform,” Sander adds. Moreover, the concept is a very sustainable one with a potentially long life span, and it has prevented a decommissioned vessel from being scrapped.

Transporting the ship was the ultimate exercise in logistics: On the night of 22 February, the 37 meter long steamer was transported in two separate parts to Bavaria’s capital city of Munich. Dismantling and transporting the steamer which weighs 120 tonnes necessitated divers and cranes, as well as two special vehicles which conveyed the upper deck and the steamboat’s hull to Munich. Putting this giant on rails required roads to be blocked, street lights to be taken down and traffic lights put elsewhere.

The around 70-year old MS Utting will now be turned into a cultural centre housing an offering of drinks and cultural events. The enterprise was initiated by circus operator Daniel Hahn. His association called Wannda e.V. performs on unused sites with its mobile circus, infusing fresh vibrancy into the surroundings. Many people and their creative ideas come together here and have room to flourish and find an audience. Wannda e.V. already operates something similar in nature under the name of “Bahnwärter Thiel” in a decommissioned rail car.

Robert Kukla GmbH Internationale Spedition headquartered in Munich is specialised in multi-modal shipping as well as the tank and truck business in Western and Eastern Europe, and has extensive experience in warehouse logistics. The company was founded in 1941 and, with its workforce of around 110 employees, operates on a global scale in a tight network of highly experienced cooperation partners.


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