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Kukla’s new location in Breda has warehouse space of 2,500 square metres. Source: Kukla

Munich / Breda, 16 January 2017 – Munich-based freight forwarder Robert Kukla has expanded its activities in Benelux. The company now has its own warehouse in Breda close to the Dutch-Belgian border which took up operations on 1 January 2017. The location lies midway between the two seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam and is the headquarters of Kukla Logistics B.V., the new local subsidiary. The process of restructuring was rounded off through appointing Ron Thijssen as the new managing director of the Dutch subsidiary. Thijssen has already worked for Kukla in Holland for a number of years.

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“Through restructuring and the new location, we have centralised our business activities in the Benelux countries and can therefore operate in closer proximity to our key customers,” explained Olaf Böhm, Managing Director at Kukla. Established in January 2012, Kukla Logistics B.V., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robert Kukla OHG, was formerly situated in Rotterdam. At the new location in Breda, the company has additional warehouse space of 2,500 square metres and now manages more than 200,000 square metres in locations in Barcelona, Piräus, Thessaloniki and Breda. The company focuses above all on cross dock operations, pallet handling and providing value-added services for the food industry. In the next stage, Kukla intends to apply for the IFS, BIO, AEO and ISO certifications, which the parent company already has, for Kukla Logistics B.V. as well. Alongside Breda, the Munich-based freight forwarder also operates subsidiaries in Stockholm, Hamburg, Berlin, Rotterdam, Bilbao, Genoa and Moscow.

Robert Kukla GmbH Internationale Spedition headquartered in Munich is specialised in multimodal shipping as well as the tank and truck business in Western and Eastern Europe, and has extensive experience in warehouse logistics. The company was founded in 1941 and, with its workforce of around 110 employees, operates on a global scale in a tight network of highly experienced cooperation partners.

The new subsidiary can be contacted at the following address:

Kukla Logistics B.V.
Hazeldonk 6505
NL – 4836 LD Breda
Tel.:  +31 (0)76 303 5850
email.: kukla.netherlands@kukla-spedition.com


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