Stat Control’s inventory sampling systems have been separately certified for Austria and Switzerland as well, and are therefore now officially approved for use in place of full inventory counts. Source: Stat Control GmbH

Hamburg, 2 May 2016 – Stat Control GmbH, a company specialising in inventory software, is showcasing its additionally enhanced inventory sampling solutions at the CeMAT Trade Fair (31 May to 3 June 2016) in Hanover. Auditors have now tested all the functionalities separately for Austria and Switzerland, and official approval has been given for use in place of full inventories in these countries as well. As a special vendor for inventory sampling software, Stat Control now has separate certifications for Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the first time.

Stat Control is exhibiting in Hall 027, Stand C59/1.


“The certifications give all companies which maintain headquarters or subsidiaries in Austria or Switzerland a high standard of security if they decide on the efficient and accurate inventory sampling solutions”, explains Jörg Ökonomou, Stat Control’s CEO. The Stasam random sample inventory system (extrapolation procedure) and Staseq (sequential test) were upgraded only a few months before the trade fair was opened In coordination and agreement with the auditors, Stat Control has further optimised the systems and equipped them with additional functions.

Statistical inventory counts offer significant advantages compared with full inventory counts. They reduce the counting effort and therefore the costs and warehouse closing times, as well as error rates. Personnel requirements are kept to a minimum and can be limited to experienced logistics staff who know their way around the warehouse.

Alongside inventory management, companies are increasingly focusing on monitoring stock during the year. In contrast to value-based inventory counts, stock controls are risk oriented and designed to secure processes, which is where the systems currently offered by Stat Control provide manifold support. StarWaRP, for instance, can carry out a risk-based ABC analysis, which uses various factors to categorise stock items into risk clusters.

Stasam (extrapolation procedure) or Staseq (sequential test) can then be used to monitor and document individual clusters at various intervals and with varying sets of samples to enable an objective monitoring system with comparable results.

Stat Control GmbH was founded in 1991 as a spin-off from the accounting firm PriceWaterhouse (today PwC). It focuses exclusively on statistical methods for inventory counts and stock control. The systems have been specially certified for inventory counts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They are, however, also used in many countries both within and outside Europe. Stat Control’s customers are large and mid-sized companies from industry and retail, as well as logistics service providers and utilities.

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