Jeroen Hempelmann (39, left) and Wolf Beck (44) are the Managing Directors of Smartchain Logistics Nordics AB, headquartered in Stockholm. Beck has extensive specialist knowledge of flexitanks (picture, right). Source: Kukla

Munich/Stockholm, 29 September 2015 – The Munich-based logistics company Robert Kukla is seeking to expand its activities in Scandinavia and, on 1 October, is founding a subsidiary in Sweden, to be named Smartchain Logistics Nordics AB. The company is to be managed by Jeroen Hempelmann (39) and Wolf Beck (44). While Hempelmann will work directly from the company’s offices in Stockholm, Beck will be based in Munich. Beck has substantial expertise and has already been working with Kukla for 25 years.

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Smartchain Logistics Nordics AB will primarily focus on the logistical processing of liquid foodstuffs, such as wine and juices, as well as chemicals. These can be transported either packaged in tautliners or containers, or as bulk goods in road tankers or flexitanks. The Robert Kukla Group has exclusive flexitank suppliers, thus delivering significant added value to customers.

Kukla has already been active within the Scandinavian market for a number of decades, its remit including the organisation of wine shipments worldwide in flexitanks. “By setting up our new subsidiary in Stockholm, we are seeking to further expand our involvement in Scandinavia”, asserts Kukla Managing Director Knut Sander. In addition to logistical services for liquid goods, Smartchain Logistics Nordics AB, in its capacity as a local partner, will also focus on the handling of short sea containers with destinations in Scandinavia. As recently as in July, Kukla presented a solution termed “Port Munich” for reliable and attractively priced container transportation from southern Germany to destinations in Great Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Robert Kukla GmbH Internationale Spedition, which is headquartered in Munich, specialises in multimodal, tanker and HGV transportation and has extensive experience in warehouse logistics. The company was founded in 1941, operates worldwide by way of a dense network of efficient cooperation partners and employs around 110 members of staff.


Below are the contact details of the new subsidiary in Stockholm:
Smartchain Logistics Nordics AB
St Eriksgatan 117
SE – 113 43 Stockholm
Tel.: +46 7097 13744


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